For those of you who are thinking of selling, you really do have to consider Sandy Wang and her team. We recently listed our property and sold with Sandy with exceptional results that exceeded our expectations. I train real estate agents for a living. I know how much influence the right agent has in influencing the final result and sale price for a property. I interviewed over 15 agents before I met Sandy. Her commitment. Dedication and skills outshone all other agents competing for the business. I wanted a highly skilled agent who knows how to create competition amongst buyers and be able to negotiate in order to get a premium result. Most agents are only order takers, rather than deal makers. Most agents want you to accept the first offer rather than the best offer. With the support of Sandy and her team, I know that she made us an additional $300,000 because of her ability to manage buyers. When thinking of listing, don’t go with the cheapest agent who is going to discount their fees in order to win the business. Go with an agent like Sandy who makes you money rather than saving you money. With the change in the current market conditions from a sellers market to a buyers market, the biggest mistake you can make as a vendor is choosing an agent who discounts their fees. If they can’t protect the value of their service, how are they going to protect the value of your most expensive asset. Sandy and her team are fluent in a number of languages and cultures. It was this ability that drew a large number of buyers from different cultures and put them in an auction room together to fight it out to find the one buyer who was prepared to pay a premium. Not all agents are created equally, you only have one chance to make a good first impression in this market. Don’t risk it by going with an agent who does not have the right marketing, communication and negotiation skills. You will not be disappointed listing with Sandy. She will find the best buyers in the market place and get you a premium result, providing you listen to her expert advice.
Shayne and Lisa Thompson
Sandy's tireless efforts have not gone unnoticed. Her creativity, work ethic and positive attitude proved to be the difference in the sale of our home.

Good morning Sandy, We would like to thank you and your team for the good job you did with our sale which was more than we expected.

Sandy's tireless efforts have not gone unnoticed. Her creativity, work ethic and positive attitude proved to be the difference in the sale of our home.
Tina Zhang
Thank you, Team Sandy!! We are so grateful for your hard work and dedication in delivering this amazing result for Jordan & me.
Devon Alapaki
Sandy is a fantastic ambassador for the B&T. She makes a real effort to understand my individual goals and needs. I know she goes extra mile on my behalf and importantly treats me with dignity. She always pleasant and positive to deal with. She is customer-oriented and professional, she is able to sort the issues by using her knowledge and skills with patient, polite when she talk to me. I would like to appreciate all your help and you are absolutely credit of your company. Thank you so much!
William Weng
Team Sandy helped me sold my unit, that went right through the second lock down in Auckland. It takes a great deal of integrity and experience to remain cool to overcome various unexpected like we had during the selling, yet achieved our expectation. Team Sandy proves a trust-worthy sales Team should be. Thank you Team Sandy for all great work.
Ran Liu

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